Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Emma BEE

I found Emma's costume, isn't it cute. The entire cost of the outfit was only 8 bucks, and the best part is I didn't have to make anything. I think that Emma greatful that I didn't make her costume.
Louis and Emma were trying on halloween costumes together. Louis is a clown, but Lindsey, Louis's mom, thinks that he looks more like a hot dog vendor. I think he's a cute clown.
Well, Rich, Emma, and I are doing great and looking forward to Halloween. It has finally cooled down here, it's in the 60's! I love being able to leave the windows open throughout the day. We're going to go to a Halloween party at Ashley Timm's house, another 1st year's wife that I hang out with.
Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!


lulu said...

Halloween...whoppee! I hope the kids will be happier on the actual holiday. They don't look too excited to be in the garb. Thanks for setting up a blog. I hope I didn't pressure you too much.

Pierson Family said...

Of course you didn't pressure me too much. Even if you did I am very grateful, because I absolutely love the outfit and so does the rest of my family.