Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hanging Out With Dad

Emma loves hanging out with her dad! Here she is sitting in her snazzy pink chair.

When dad studies, Emma likes to interrupt and snuggle for a few minutes. Of course, this makes dad extremely happy. Like father like daughter.

It's been crazy in the Pierson home! We've been gearing up to move into the city. We've found a home we love, newly renovated, etc. We're looking to move over spring brake...cross your fingers! We'll send you pictures after we get everything situated.

Also, Bonnie has been baking bread like a mad woman. Last week it was honey wheat, this week...white. It doesn't last long around here. The smell of the bread, combined with it's goodness equals devoured.


lulu said...

awesome blog bonnie ray! I love your new post. keep it commin'!

Team Chrinzi said...

Hey Bonnie, its Linzi Brown, we missed you at natalies the other night! I wish I could bake bread, because I also love the smell spreading through the house and the taste of course. You should be nominated for wife/mom of the year!